12 Must See She Sheds - Move Over Man Cave

By: Jason and Andre Ferris

12 Must See She Sheds - Move Over Man Cave

Tags: Backyard rends, She sheds

We brought you 12 Must See Pub Sheds, now it’s time for them to take a back seat for the 12 Must See She Sheds.  Yes that’s right; women all over the world want their own space too.  She Sheds is quickly become a new trend it backyards in North America.  She Sheds, Pub Sheds or any style of shed is a great way to increase the amount of living space you have and believe it or not, it can be cost effective.

What exactly is a She Shed? – As I mentioned, it’s a way of creating extra living space and it’s all about her.  If you had extra space what would you use it for?  How about a quiet place to read, an art studio, a potting shed, an office, a place to take a quiet nap or even quiet place to escape.  There are endless ideas for a She Shed, what would yours be?

1. Pretty in Pink

Pretty in pink she shed

2. Mrs President

Mrs President She Shed

3. The Lace Space

The lace space she shed

4. Ocean Breeze

Ocean breeze she shed

5. The Blue Lagoon

The blue lagoon she shed

6. Green with Envy

Green with envy she shed


50s Style pub shed

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7.  The Cozy Creator

The cozy creator she shed

8. The She-Shed Inn

the she-shed in she shed

9. Tea Time

Tea time She shed

10.  Purple Haze

Purple haze she shed

11.  The Great Escape

The great escape she shed

12. The Colorful Cocktail

the colourful cocktail she shed