Let The Nest Take Control Of Your Rising Energy Bills

By: Jason and Andre Ferris

Let The Nest Take Control Of Your Rising Energy Bills

Tags: Tips for your home, Saving money on energy bills

With the new Carbon Tax having already taken effect last January and Kathleen Wynne’s ever rising hydro rates (Ontario is now #1 ahead of Hawaii in North America), Durham residents are starting to feel the pinch. Soaring fuel and hydro charges are not only putting huge pressure on homeowner’s budgets, but they are also causing many residents to rethink strategies on how to limit and reduce these enormous burdens on families.

Nest Learning Thermostats, a Google innovation, are beginning to have a significant impact on the utility bills of Durham residents. These smart devices are designed to learn your family usage tendencies and react accordingly. The Nest will learn how to keep your family comfortable when at home and how to save and reduce your utility bills when you are not. Although not the cheapest product on the market ($329 retail), it does come with a 5 year warranty and is packed with enough innovation and technological advances that will recoup its initial out of pocket expense in no time. Here are some features that make the Nest an excellent way to combat those skyrocketing fuel and hydro bills.

All in all, the Nest is an excellent way to make your home a smart and efficient energy user. With families in the Durham Region facing surging energy costs, a product like the Nest just makes sense.